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friday 30/10

October 30, 2009

suzi is away from work today šŸ˜¦ the next and final photo of suzi will be on tuesday for melbourne cup!


thursday 29/10

October 29, 2009

second last ?!

wednesday 28/10

October 27, 2009

swap top

tuesday 27/10

October 26, 2009


monday 26/10

October 26, 2009

holiday mode

friday 23/10

October 23, 2009

suzi is not at the office today… who knows what she could be wearing?! endless possibilities…

thursday 22/10

October 23, 2009

the universe conspired for today’s outfit not to be documented! firstly i found suzi in the fashion studio, then i lost her when I got distracted by paula walden’s latest creations… then i arranged for kerrie to take suzi’s photo because i had to head off, and then between the camera and the computer (technology doesn’t mix so well with me), the photo decided to flip out and… thus – we have no photo. i’ll see if i can persuade suzi to wear the same outfit again next week….Ā  it involved a flowy white short-sleevedĀ top, a bright scarf around the neck, loose red pants, cons…

wednesday 21/10

October 21, 2009

portfolio time - o dear

tuesday 20/10

October 20, 2009


monday 19/10

October 20, 2009

studio day