I am constantly excited by the outfits worn by the Fashion crew at QUT.

For example, I look forward to seeing what Suzi Vaughan is wearing each day.

It spans from Chanel-style black and white with an edge to a visual festival of colour with NO RULES WHATSOEVER.

So I thought I would share what inspires me with the world.  By documenting Suzi’s outfit every work-day.

She now calls me her stalker.  But I know it’s for a good cause… 🙂

– Sandra K


6 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Kristiana Says:

    Thank you for sharing with the world what inspires you. It inspires me. What a legend – both of you!

  2. Gabriella Says:

    Oh Halelujah! Finally a good reason to log on in the morning!
    Love your collective works… g

  3. Cayla Says:

    Move over The Sartorialist – there’s a new fashionista/photographer team on board!

  4. Leo Says:

    oh my lordy – i miss you all so much!

  5. Leo Says:

    check this site out my darling – it’s awesome!

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